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Enrongate- White Water 2: Another Clinton Scandal
Ken Lay = Web Hubbell
Clinton was the best president Enron ever had!
Clinton Economy = Enron & Global Crossing
William Jefferson Clinton = Kenny Boy Jr.
Enron invested 2 million in Clinton and made a return of over 1 billion is subsidized loans!
Clinton lauded Kenneth Lay as an "exemplary corporate citizen" and Gore said Clinton would go down in history as the greatest president. Sound Familiar?
Clinton and Lay had 11 slumber parties in the Lincoln Bedroom!
Clinton motto: if you take a trade trip, take Kenny Boy and Enron executives with you!
Clinton administration = Enron Subsidiary
Why cant democrats find any evidence of corruption when probing Enrons political connections? Because they are only probing ties between Enron and the Bush administration!
Clintons approval rate for Enrons proposed projects = 19 out of 20 (95%)
Clinton gave over 1 billion in subsidized loans to Enron. Do they all do it? The Reagan and Bush administrations gave Enron no loans!
Clinton granted granted about $200 million worth of insurance against political risks for nine Enron projects in such politically volatile areas as Argentina, Venezuela and the Gaza Strip. Do they all do it? The Reagan administration gave Enron no insurance and the Bush administration provided insurance for only one Enron power project in Guatemala in 1992.
The Clinton administration provided three loans between 1994 and 1998 to the now defunct Dabul Power Project in India. Enron gave Clinton 100,000 for that project for days before Clinton approved. Can you say quid pro quo?

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